Antique Limestone Flooring

We recently acquired a Limited Lot of reclaimed limestone flooring for interior use from Morocco. Beautifully worn, these pieces are reminiscent of the classic French limestone used in cathedrals and chateaus and have a gorgeous aged surface in a subtle variety of whites, off-white/buffs, beiges and soft greys.

The reclaimed pieces were 3-4" thick — a cumbersome depth for interior flooring projects — so we sliced them in half to make them more uniform and manageable to install. This created pieces with the beautiful patina and wear of reclaimed, but with an even thickness of 1" to 1.5" for installation purposes.

So as not to waste the underside of the reclaimed stone, the sliced bottom pieces were then hand-weathered and micro bush-hammered to provide an alternative flooring product. These Micro Bush-Hammered Reclaimed pieces have a smoother texture but blend perfectly with the Original Worn Reclaimed Surface pieces because of the slightly irregular edges of the stone.

This flooring is sold by the square foot price in a "mix" with varying sizes of larger and smaller square and rectangular pieces. There is a significant cost savings when using the Micro Bush-Hammered Reclaimed (RLF-2) mix vs. the Original Worn Reclaimed Surface (RLF-1) mix. Combining both types of stone will result in a "mid-range" price with a beautiful end aesthetic.

  • Interior use only
  • Original Worn Reclaimed Surface (RLF-1) pieces are great for: entryways, wine cellars, entertaining barns
  • Micro Bush-Hammered Reclaimed (RLF-2) surfaces are smoother and better for: bathrooms, kitchens
  • Square pieces tend to vary between 24" x 24" to 12" x 12" to as small as 8" x 8"
  • Rectangular pieces vary widely between 24" x 48" to 30" x 20" to as small as 7" x 12" with different shapes available
  • Thickness is generally between 1" and 1.5"

Original Worn Surface Reclaimed Mix

Reclaimed-M-Limestone (10)
Reclaimed-M-Limestone (12)

Original Worn Reclaimed Surface Limestone Flooring

  • RLF-1
  • Original worn surface
  • Limited lot
  • Reclaimed from interior floors in Morocco
  • For interior use only


Micro Bush-Hammered Reclaimed Mix


Micro Bush-Hammered Reclaimed Limestone Flooring

  • RLF-2
  • Antiqued, hand-weathered surface - smoother texture
  • Limited lot - cost savings
  • Reclaimed from interior floors in Morocco
  • For interior use only


Mix of both reclaimed options


Mixed Reclaimed Limestone Flooring

  • Mix of RLF-1 and RLF-2
  • Original Worn and Reclaimed Reverse work well together
  • Limited lot - cost savings
  • Reclaimed from interior floors in Morocco
  • For interior use only


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